Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice occurs where a lawyer is unreasonable in providing legal advice or representation and causes the client damages. Daymon Ely has an extensive history of success in legal malpractice cases.

Restoring Faith in the Legal System

You hire an attorney to represent your best interests and put your trust and faith that they will act with integrity and honesty to represent you and your case. When that attorney does not adhere to proper ethics and standard legal practices you might lose faith in the legal system. Daymon Ely is here to help restore your faith in the legal system. His extensive legal malpractice experience is invaluable.

Legal Malpractice

Perspective from Daymon Ely:

I am a lawyer’s son. I always wanted to be an attorney and I am proud of our profession. Part of that pride is in knowing that years ago I was encouraged by lawyers I greatly respected to consider pursuing our colleagues when, through wrongful or negligent conduct, they have caused harm to members of the public. I am not alone. Our bar has several lawyers who have chosen to hold their fellow members of the bar accountable for their conduct. That is how it should be. The idea of holding people responsible for their actions is a fundamental premise of our legal system and it should be applied to everyone — especially lawyers.