Daymon Ely has been in his own practice since 1989. His practice has been largely limited to the areas of personal injury and legal malpractice. Daymon has been involved in a wide variety of cases which have impacted the development of the law in New Mexico. There are now 27 opinions from New Mexico appellate courts involving issues affecting New Mexico in which Daymon was representing the Plaintiff. These include cases involving the statute of limitations for certain health care providers, defamation, discovery of insurance policies, pedophile priests, standards for collecting insurance coverage in cases involving out-of-state insurance companies, and several opinions on issues affecting litigation against attorneys. In 2015, the Court of Appeals issued an opinion on doctrine of independent intervening cause and its impact on legal malpractice claims.  Daymon represented the successful Plaintiff in that case.  Daymon has filed an appeal on the validity of a fee agreement that requires unsuspecting clients to submit malpractice claims to an arbitration panel, substituting a panel of the lawyer’s peers for a jury of the plaintiff’s peers.  It is hoped that an opinion from the Court of Appeals will be issued in 2016.  He has also secured substantial judgments and verdicts against persons and entities who have caused harm to others, including multi-million dollar verdicts.