Welcome to the Law Office of Daymon Ely

Daymon Ely is a compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who is willing to fight for your rights, and for fair compensation for your injury.

For the past two decades, Daymon Ely has focused his practice on suing attorneys. However, he continues to represent clients in a variety of other personal injury cases. And, on Friday afternoons, his office is closed so that he and a translator can work in the South Valley of Albuquerque to provide free legal advice and referrals in a variety of matters. Additionally, Daymon Ely has consistently been involved in cases where “things are just wrong and need to be corrected.” As an example of that, see his 2014 case involving a ten-year old girl who just wanted to play basketball with the boys. In 2015, he represented a district court judge before both the Judicial Standards Commission and the New Mexico Supreme Court. The case exposed substantial flaws in the process that are now being corrected.  The judge was correctly exonerated.

Daymon Ely has over 33 years of legal experience.